In Fringe of the Cosmos, weapons and weapon types vary widely from person to person, world to world. Commonly, advanced ballistic projectile weapons are used, with caseless ammunition and bullets charged with plasma.

Many individuals, however, utilize melee weapons, which can range from ultra sharp blades to laser-etched daggers.


Almost all spaceships, aside from small shuttles, have interstellar capabilities, through the invention of the Energy Drive. The drive utilizes magnetic coil exhaust acceleration to increase drive efficiency, allowing ships to travel under thrust for extended periods of time, creating extreme acceleration. To counteract this, magnetic plating is installed on the interior of the ship, simulating the feel of gravity.

Through the use of the drives, an average ship can travel from one star system to another in about 2 weeks, and undergo interplanetary trips in a matter of hours or days, reaching speeds approaching 10% the speed of light.


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